Before our visit

Please fill out your health history and consent forms that were made available to you at the time of booking the appointment. This will save time and allow us to spend more time working on your goals at the visit!

Please try to feed baby an hour before the appointment so they are hungry while I am there. If baby is really hungry, please feed them and we will make it work! 

Make a list of all of your questions so we can optimize our time together (you will have access to me for 2 weeks after our appointment if you forgot anything).

Decide which room you would like to hold the visit in, ideally the room you breastfeed the most in so we can work in an environment that you are comfortable in!

If you have questions about any feeding equipment you are using, have it available so we can discuss it. 

Older siblings are always welcome, it helps to have an activity available for them so we can talk.

If you have a support person available feel free to have them there, the more people who are aware of your goals and how to help you get there, the better!

Don't make any changes to what you have been doing, I need to observe everything as is to perform an adequate assessment.

If you have dogs or other pets, I do ask that they be put in a separate room or outside during our visit. Pets can be protective of their family and I want to make sure no mishaps happen. Thank you for understanding. 

PLEASE, do NOT feel the need to clean or get dressed up on my account! You are caring for a newborn, I expect that there will be some mess and as a mom of three boys I don't judge, I promise. I don't want this appointment to cause more work or stress for you.

During our visit
  • I will wash my hands soon after entering your house and definitely before touching you or your baby.

  • We will sit and chat for a little and discuss areas of concern on the forms you filled out prior to the appointment. If baby is really hungry we will feed first and then chat. 

  • I always ask permission before touching your body or your baby, I try to be as hands off as possible because I want you to learn these skills and be independent with them. 

  • During the feed, it is up to you where and how you feed your baby.

  • If there are concerns about oral anatomy or an indication that an oral assessment is necessary, I have latex free gloves on hand that I will put on to perform an oral assessment of baby's mouth. 

  • I will need to visually assess your breasts and nipples before and after a feed. In some cases, a physical assessment of the breasts may be warranted. I will ask for permission before this assessment if it is necessary.

  • If there are concerns about milk transfer, I may do a pre and post weight to determine roughly how much milk baby transferred during a feed. I have a scale that I bring with me and will just need a hard firm surface to set the scale for accurate results.

  • I will ask you MANY times how things feel to YOU both physically and emotionally. Observation is not the only criteria I use to assess for issues. How breastfeeding feels is a huge indicator. I need you to be honest and work with me through that process. Women often don't want to admit that breastfeeding hurts because they perceive it to be normal or they need to "grin and bear it". Pain may be common but it is not normal. Please be open and honest about what you are feeling so that I can properly assess and provide interventions that will work for you.

  • I will also ask you on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the easiest, how you feel about interventions and education I am giving you. This allows me to gauge whether the plan of care we are developing together will realistically work for you. 

After our visit
  • Before I leave your house I will give you a hand written care plan that will describe any interventions we discussed and steps to reaching your goals.

  • Within 24 hours I will email you a superbill (itemized receipt) to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement (please call your insurance company beforehand to see if and how much they reimburse).

  • Within 24 hours I will send a report to your health care provider (or any specified provider you mention) and I will also send a copy to you.

  • You will have unlimited phone, email and text support from me for the next 14 days as you work through your care plan.  If a follow-up visit is needed, they are available at a reduced rate, and this extends your phone, email and text support for the following 14 days.

  • Breastfeeding and lactation support are never linear and we don't make guaruntees. What I can guaruntee is that I will do everything I can to support you in your journey. Sometimes interventions don't work and that is okay, there are other things we can try. Sometimes it is two steps back and one step forward before we see huge improvements. Breastfeeding takes TIME, PRACTICE, and PATIENCE. Not all breastfeeding issues can be fixed in one session or one day, just like you wouldn't go to the doctor and expect to be cured in one day. 

  • This is why you have access to me for 2 weeks after our appointment, to revise interventions if needed and implement new interventions if ones we agreed on initially aren't working for you. 

  • If I don't hear from you, I will assume everything is going well!