Pumping and Milk Storage

Pumping Tips:

  • Pump when you are separated from your baby

  • Pump for about 15-20 minutes per pump session

  • The pump is purely just a vacuum and lacks the massage component that an infant can provide - for this reason it is not a good indicator of true milk supply! Incorporate hands on pumping to increase milk output.

  • Explore the vacuum options and different pump cycles to initiate let downs.

  • Hand expression and hands on pumping!

  • If you need more information about any of these techniques, contact me for a consult!


For Preterm Infants, immunocompromised or sick follow more conservative guidelines.

"RULE OF 4's"

Room temperature (freshly expressed) - 4 hours

Fridge - 4 days

Freezer - 4 months

(Follow recommendations on chart for thawed milk)