Do you live outside the greater Lehigh Valley area but still want my support? Or do you feel that you just need some extra support and counseling from an experienced IBCLC? I've got you covered! I offer lactation counseling through either e-mail, what's app or texting. This option is great for moms who have "been there, done that" but may have some new concerns or just want to have the extra support and reassurance at any point in their breastfeeding journey. Sign up for a week worth of text support, I'll check in with you each day and you can contact me with any questions-unlimited-for the entire week. Please e-mail me for appointment availability.


Phone and E-mail Support


Prenatal Consult


Is this your first breastfeeding experience and feeling nervous? Did you have breastfeeding difficulties previously? Do you have a medical condition, breast surgery/trauma, or other concerns that may make breastfeeding difficult? Schedule a prenatal lactation consult to discuss your concerns, set realistic goals that meet your needs, and discuss interventions to start you off on your breastfeeding journey!

$175 (1.5 hours)

Breastfeeding Consult

Is breastfeeding painful? Are you concerned about milk supply? Is baby's weight gain slow? Together we will establish a plan of care that meets your breastfeeding goals. Weight checks, assessment of lactation, latch, infant oral assessment, and maternal assessment will be completed at this consultation. We will discuss any concerns you may have and implement interventions as necessary. You will leave every consultation with a detailed care plan and the necessary skills to follow through. Each breastfeeding consult with include 2 weeks of follow up text/e-mail support for any clarifications or trouble shooting with the established plan of care. Follow up consults include for the duration of your breastfeeding journey for this infant and a follow up appointment extends your phone/text/email access to me by another 14 days.

$225 Initial Visit (1.5 - 2 hours)

$150 Follow up visits (1 hour)

Pumping Consult/Returning to Work

Are you returning to work and concerned about maintaining your milk supply? Did you choose to exclusively pump and are looking to maximize your milk supply? Are you pumping for a premature infant? Whatever your pumping situation is I want to help you set realistic goals and put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals. We will discuss pumping techniques, pumping routine, interventions to maximize output, check flange size and discuss how to care for the pump and pump parts. 

$150 (1 hour)

Bottle/Alternative Feeding Method Consult

Time to go back to work/school and wondering how to introduce a bottle? Is baby refusing a bottle? There are alternative ways to feed an infant other than a bottle that can be very useful. If you choose to feed a bottle we can discuss paced bottle feeding, responsive feeding, and interventions to introduce a bottle to a breastfed baby. Available via virtual consult only or as an add on to another visit. 


$79 (45 minutes)

Pre and Post Frenectomy Consults


I assess for tethered oral restrictions when necessary at all consultations, but this consultation is specific to discussing your desire to have a frenectomy procedure. Or maybe your baby’s frenectomy is already planned and you need an IBCLC consult pre and post procedure to have ongoing breastfeeding assessment. Anytime you decide to have a frenectomy done, it really is a collaborative approach between multiple team members and specialties with lactation consultants being integral to that team approach. I will work with you and the other members of your care team to help you reach your goals. There are essential skills and information to know prior to a frenectomy to help preapre you for the procedure and after care.

*Disclaimer* As an IBCLC it is not within my scope of practice to diagnose a tongue tie, I have specialized training in structure and function and advanced experience and knowledge of tethered oral restrictions. I can assess for any oral restrictions and functional issues but I will refer you to another care provider for diagnosis and treatment. It is within my scope to assess and provide interventions to help with breastfeeding issues. It is also within my scope of practice as an IBCLC to assist with follow up exercises, wound management and neuromuscular re-education post procedure. 

Pre frenectomy consult – assessment of baby, observation of breastfeeding, assess for/discuss current signs/symptoms of oral restrictions, discuss interventions and options whether you chose to go through with a frenectomy or not, written report to care team.

Post frenectomy consult – collaborative approach to post procedure care, ensure breastfeeding improves, assist with post procedure tongue exercises, wound management and neuromuscular re-education. The *ideal* time to follow up with me is within 1 week of the frenectomy. 

The decision to have the procedure done is always up to the parents. Whether or not you chose to have the procedure, there are interventions and plans of care for both situations. Having continued lactation support and a clear plan of action either way can enhance your breastfeeding experience and your infant's long term health. My goal is to give you all the education and support you need to make an informed deicsion and support you needs no matter which path you chose. 

Package consult (pre 1 hour/post 1 hour) - $300

Follow up consults for 1 month (1/2 hour) - $75

Virtual Consult

All consults are offered through a VIRTUAL platform at this time. If you are looking to schedule an Initial Breastfeeding Consult or Pre/Post Frenectomy consult virtually, please contact me at

Employer Consults

Did you know under the Affordable Care Act most insurance companies are required to provide coverage for lactation services? 

Check this resource from the National Women's Law Center to ensure you are receiving your federally mandated benefits: 

Are you a business owner and in need of a Lactation Consultant to help establish a lactation space, develop an HR policy for lactating persons, provide education to staff to create a supportive work environment or receive education about how facilitating breastfeeding/pumping at work can enhance your business and save you money. Contact me for more details about this consult. Please e-mail me for more information and to book a consult.

Will travel up to 30 miles from Coplay PA 18037. Additional fees apply for locations over 30 miles. Check the map below to see which tier you are located in and choose the appropriate travel fees when booking your appointment. Additional fees may also be applied for consultations that run more than 15 minutes over the allotted appointment time. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. 

service area map.jpg

Tier 1 - Service Area (no additional travel fees apply)

Tier 2 - Outside Service Area (travel fees apply - choose Tier 2 option when booking appointment)

Tier 3 - Outside Service Area (travel fees apply - choose tier 3 option when booking appointment)