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Anthropological research has shown that across cultures and continents women have the same breastfeeding concerns and fears. The difference within cultures that have the highest breastfeeding rates, is knowledgeable people in the community that support new parents. By making breastfeeding education more accessible and normalizing the act of breastfeeding we can help remedy some of these difficulties. By rebuilding a supportive community for breast/chest/human milk feeding persons, we can cultivate a knowledgeable support structure for parents. 

I am passionate about providing education that empowers families to make informed decisions and feel supported in those decisions. 

"The education and skills I provide empower you and give you the reassurance and support needed to meet your goals." 

My name is Jennifer and I am an IBCLC , Registered Nurse and a mother of three boys. I started my career as a nurse in 2010, and two years later when I had my first child, I experienced many breastfeeding difficulties. I did not know about community resources available at that time or even that Lactation Consultants existed! When I had my second child, I heard about La Leche League and decided to attend a meeting when my child was a few months old. Those peer to peer support meetings changed my life and I wanted to continue helping families through the same difficulties I struggled with, so I became a La Leche League leader in 2014.


When my passion for breastfeeding research and counseling grew, I wanted to expand my knowledge and experience. I have breastfed 3 boys: an early term baby with a mouth to small to latch properly, a large baby who was hungry all the time and a baby with a posterior tongue tie. I have experienced sore nipples, painful latches, oversupply milk production, breastfeeding during and after cesarean birth, pumping, extended breastfeeding and returning to work. I wanted to use my experiences in a positive way to help others, so that no person has to go through this experience alone and without adequate information. 

I am passionate about improving lactation and post-partum support, work conditions for those who pump, normalizing human milk feeding in our community, educating community members and businesses about how to make breastfeeding work for them, institutional change of birth and breastfeeding practices, and empowering women through evidenced based education and developing the necessary skills to breastfeed successfully.




My Training
International Board Certified Lactation Consultant 
Certified by IBCLE - May 2018
1500+ hours of clinical experience

Lactation Education Resources

Completed Certified Lactation Specialist program in May 2017 (90+ hours didactic)

Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences

Bachelors of Science in Nursing - 2016

Northampton Community College

Associates Degree in Nursing - 2010